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This is an informal practice of paying attention in the present moment without judgement.  One of Tai Chi's basic principles is very 'trendy' these days!  Use this mental exercise to raise your awareness. 

Meditation is a mental discipline used to get beyond the ‘thinking’ mind (left hemisphere brain function) into a deeper state of relaxation or awareness (right hemisphere brain function)

Why Meditate?
There are many benefits of giving the ‘brain chatter’ a rest and stimulating the relaxed, creative side producing more balanced results. These skills add value to all aspects of life.
“What we know unconsciously can arise into our waking awareness and creativity flows
 when the right hemisphere of the brain is engaged” 
Tony Crisp, author, founder of The Arcane Library

Researching into the process of mental genius,  Joseph C. Pearce reports
 “The final breakthrough in every recorded case occurs at a moment when the
 logical processes have been suspended, a moment of relaxation….”

Moving Meditation
Tai Chi exercises the body and quietens the mind. In Tai Chi focusing on breathing & slow gentle movements and making an effort to eliminate the brain chatter stimulates right brain activity.

Seated Meditation
Our user-friendly method demystifies meditation.   Looking at the basics, we show how to prepare your environment, body and mind then relax into meditation.

Brain Functions
Brain scientist, Jill Bolte Taylor, author of My Stroke of Insight explains that the two cerebral hemispheres of the human brain are quite separate, communicate with one another but process entirely differently….
The Left Hemisphere                           The Right Hemisphere
Is the ‘little voice’, brain chatter.                        Is here, now, observing energy
Thinking linearly & methodically                      Feeling /sense of peacefulness
Thinks in language                                             Thinks in pictures
Speech                                                                 Body language
Individual /’I am’                                                At one with all that is
Processes information                                         Creative /intuitive

“A deep state of relaxation is essential to effective brain functioning.
Tai Chi, yoga, spontaneous dancing, a brisk walk or a regular game of
 squash or tennis can take your mind into the zone of maximum potential.”

Majul Bajaj in ‘Personal Growth – Cross train your brain’
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