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$15 per class

Tai Chi exercise for mind & body.
Relaxation, gathering energy, improving circulation & balance are some of the benefits.

Everyone can do it to improve balance, fitness, general health and wellbeing.       No experience necessary.
All levels of fitness and all ages welcome.
Wear comfortable clothes and flat shoes.

Attention Sydney Baby Boomers.......
Enjoying regular exercise is essential for good health.
We all want to get the most out of life.... Our interests vary.... walking, travel, sports, gardening.... Whatever we do, good health enables us to enjoy it more.

'Tai Chi for Arthritis'
This program developed by Dr Paul Lam is particularly suitable for Arthritis sufferers, but it's easy to learn and everyone can do it to improve balance, fitness, breathing, general health and wellbeing.
                        email; judy@refocustaichi.com.au
Seniors' Health & Wellbeing.......

Retirement Resorts

Most quality retirement resorts provide residents with opportunities to join group exercise activities at affordable prices and find that our 'Tai Chi for Arthritis' sessions appeal to those who enjoy gentle physical exercise, mental stimulation and a positive feeling of wellbeing. 
Sessions currently available in Sydney metropolitan area and NSW Central Coast.

Seated Tai Chi
Participants who lack the stamina to stand enjoy the exercise seated and gain great benefits from visualizing the movements, improving breathing and posture.

"Our instructors are aware that exercise shouldn't be a chore.
Yes, good health is serious business but it can be fun too."
Judy Stone-Herbert
Principal Instructor
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