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Tai Chi Workshop in Fiji
This Tai Chi workshop is perfect for those with little or no experience.
Holiday with like minded people.
Come along looking for a form of exercise thatís easy to learn, gentle, extremely good for you both physically & mentally and enjoy a refreshing break. Leave having learned the principles of Tai Chi, basic movements, a daily stretching exercise, improved balance, posture, breathing, focus & relaxation.
Expressions of interest
Judy +61 411 276 142

JSH_cruise_TaiChi_(2)Tai Chi at Sea
Cruise passengers enjoy the gentle exercise of Tai Chi sessions onboard in the fresh air as well as relaxing mindfulness sessions.
Instructor available for placements on cruises.

Focus on wellness for a whole day, just an hour or anything in between.  Cover all of these topics or choose the most appropriate for you and your timeframe.
  • Stretching Exercise - Everyone needs a good stretch.  An enjoyable set of smooth, flowing movements emphasizing the opposites of tension and relaxation.
  • Tai Chi Principles - Awareness, Breathing, Posture and how they are relevant in today's hectic world of business and family demands.
  • Tai Chi Movements - An overview of Tai Chi @ Work, a simplified form with basic movements which are easy to do in any workplace.
  • In Flight Exercises - Do your best to avoid DVT with these seated exercises - ideal to keep the circulation going on long flights.
  • Meditation - Give the left hemisphere brain function a rest with seated or moving meditation. Surprise yourself with creative and intuitive ideas once the right hemisphere is engaged.... not to mention the relaxation benefits!

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